Sunday, April 2, 2017

March Recap - the Month of Doctors and other things

So many things have gone on in the month of March that it's going to be another long, long post.  I hope that you will stay with me as I recap everything.  (At least everything I can remember - LOL!)

Since the first of the month was on a Wednesday I was at the shop for my weekly shift.  Things have actually been very slow at the shop, but whether we are busy or not someone has to be there.  That's okay as it gives me a chance to either catch up on some paperwork from home that I'm too busy to do or do the menu planning or play games on my Kindle.  I seems to find things to do to make the time go by - I guess it's a good thing that I'm a volunteer as it sure wouldn't pay to keep the shop open for the amount of money I make.  Most of the time I am my own best customer - but I am really trying NOT to buy things.

Also, Dan's niece and her husband stopped by for the night on their way back home in Michigan.  I fixed some Chicken Enchilada Soup for dinner and we did a little tour of the Village on the golf cart.  Cindy and Rod left on Thursday morning.

Thursday the 2nd was a super busy day.  Dan and I went down to mom's to finally hang the pictures she wanted hung in her living room/dining room.  This is something that we should have done a long time ago, but things just seemed to get in the way.  I finally just put it on the calendar and we were able to get it done.  I had a doctor's appointment at 10:30 - so, we worked at mom's from 9 to about 10:15 - I went to the doctor and Dan just stayed at mom's house waiting for me to get back.  I was back by 11 and we were able to get it finished before my next appointment at 2:00 which was the Executive Board Meeting.  I was back from that meeting by 3:45.  Then we had to drive into Live Oak to pick up my medicine the doctor ordered.  (I've had a terrible ear infection that we have been trying to get a handle on - it's all better now, thank goodness!)

Friday, the 3rd we had a monthly street breakfast at the Café.  We had to be there since our friends who are usually in charge were out of town and they asked us to "run" the meeting part.  Nothing major there - just verifying some things that will be done the next couple of months.

We also discovered that our A/C was not working.  The fan was running all the time but we were not getting any cool air.  Since things are starting to heat up around here we decided that we needed to get it fixed.  So we called the A/C repairman, and he stopped by the house.  He put a new part on, but it till wasn't working like it should.  He thought that he could "piece" it together and we would be able to get another year out of it, but he couldn't guarantee it. 

Dan and I talked it over and we decided that we would just bite the bullet and get a new unit.  We knew that we had been lucky that the unit had worked as long as it had (this was the unit original to the house), but we also knew that we were really pushing the upper limits of the unit with the added square footage to the house.  In fact, last year you could tell a difference in the air temperature between the main part of the house and the new family room.  Anyway, we decided to just do it and we got a larger unit that should handle the extra square footage with no problems.  The new A/C was installed on Saturday.

Out with the old!

In with the new!!

Sunday was church and then a quiet afternoon at home.

Monday the 6th we traveled to Lake City for a doctor's appointment with Dan's cardiologist.  Let's just say that he lit a fire under Dan and my rear ends and we came home committed to losing some weight.  We decided to try a modified Weight Watcher's program and we are still trying to work on that.

On the way home from Lake City, Dan decided that it was time to get the dirt in the back yard for around the patio area.  So, we called The Dirt Man and arranged to have two dump truck loads of dirt delivered on Tuesday.  Dan and I started working on spreading all that dirt by hand - what a task!

After some of the dirt was spread!

You might notice that there is a lot of furniture on the patio.  Well, there was a really good reason - while Dan and I (and our friend Neil) were spreading dirt we had another little project going on.

Screening in the back porch!!!!

Yipee!!!!  We had been planning on doing this ever since we did the remodel.  We just had to make sure we had the money to pay cash for it.  Well, let me tell you something - it is AWESOME!!!!!!!

So while the guys were working on the screen porch - I had a meeting about the River Woods Homeowners "Christmas" dinner - it was decided several years ago to have our get together in March instead of trying to make it work in December since so many people have so much to do during the holidays.  We didn't want to add anything else - so, having it in March gives everyone a much needed break.  Anyway, the planning meeting was at 2:00 and it was decided that we would have a St. Patrick's Day theme again this year since we already had all the decorations and the dinner would be held on the 16th.    No biggie.

After that meeting I headed back to the doctor to have her check my ear again.  I could tell that it was better but still needed to be checked.  She washed it out and got quite a bit of built up wax out and told me to continue on the medication. 

The rest of the week and weekend Dan and I worked on getting the porch "decorated".  We already had all the furniture, but we added some decorative touches and made it "homey" for us.

Some new pillows, plants, a couple of pieces of decorative furniture (bench and plant stand) and we had a finished porch we could enjoy!

Things sorta calmed down for a little while until the 16th.  I woke up Thursday morning aching all over - I figure my fibro was going to act up and just kept powering on.  At 1:30 I had the Membership Council meeting and right after that I had to help with decorating for the River Woods dinner that evening.  The longer the day went on the worse I felt.  I finally called Dan and asked him to come pick me up.  I went home and laid down on the couch - every single bone in my body hurt and I started having chills.  I was covered up with two blankets and went to sleep.  About 5 o'clock, Dan woke me up and told me to go get in bed.  He turned the electric mattress pad on and covered me up with a couple of blankets.  He then got ready to go to the dinner (he brought home a plate for me, which I didn't eat).  He didn't stay long - when they started the program he left and came home.  I slept off and on - but hurt so bad that I finally got up and went in and got in my chair.  I couldn't stand the weight of laying on my side - it just hurt too bad.  Anyway, I went back to sleep and slept for about 2 hours before Dan got up and came in the family room. 

We had some coffee before he had to get ready to go to Lake City for his stress test.  I ALWAYS go with him because he is super claustrophobic and can not stand to be in the tube.  I go in and read to him to take his mind off the test.  Anyway, he would not let me go - saying that I was still sick and there was no way he was letting me go with him.  He was determined that he could do it
on his own.  Well, four hours later he was home with a prescription of Valium and a new appointment for the 28th.  He was just unable to do it on his own.

We spent the weekend trying to get me well - really in 48 hours I didn't have chills anymore and the ache was pretty much gone, but I was completely wiped out for a couple of days.  By Monday the 20th I was back to "normal", whatever that is.

Wednesday, the 22nd, after work Dan's daughter, son-in-law, and two of their girls were here.  We all ate lunch down at the Village Café before coming back to the house.   We had invited Neil and Carol down for dinner and Dan fixed country ribs on the grill, while I fixed potato salad and baked beans.  (I had bought bread to fix and then completely forgot about it - so no bread).  Carol brought a fruit salad for dessert.  It was nice just spending some time sitting and talking.

Thursday morning Dana, Mark and the girls were on the road by 9.  I got the house straight before packing a suitcase and heading to Lakeland for the weekend.  I had some babies to see.

I made it down to the kids house just as Justin was pulling in the driveway - so we all loaded into the car and went to get the girls - there is something so very special about walking into their classrooms and hearing them yell "NANA"  and come running.  That will NEVER get old.  After picking the girls up we headed to the grocery store and picked up a few things.

We went home and Melissa and the girls fixed pizza for all of us.  After dinner the girls got ready for bed and I headed for my room.  It had been a long day.

Friday morning the girls went to school, Melissa worked from home and I headed out.  I wanted to see the movie - "Beauty and the Beast" and I'm so glad I did - It was FABULOUS!!!!  I had thought about taking the girls to the movie on Saturday to see it, but there are some scary parts (especially the scenes with the wolves) and Ada is already having some issues with sleeping and the "big bad wolf" in her room.  So we decided that it might not be the right movie to go to right now.  So, instead we all went shopping Saturday afternoon.  Just a couple of stores - Kirklands, Bed Bath and Beyond, and Target.  We did stop for lunch at a place called Glory Days.  I had an awesome rice bowl and the girls ate well - or at least Lorelai did.  Ada has become somewhat of a picky eater for some reason.  Anyway, after heading back home, the girls and I did a special project that Lorelai had been wanting me to do since Valentines Day.  Make a heart cake!

When we were at the grocery store on Thursday we bought the cake mix.  Of course, Lorelai wanted white frosting and Ada wanted blue - so, Nana just divided the cake in half and there we go.

Lorelai "pretending" to eat the cake.

And of course, Ada had to pretend too!

Sunday we spent a quiet day at home getting the girls ready for school and me ready to go home on Monday.  Justine did fix spaghetti for dinner Sunday night and we had cake for dessert.

My three beautiful girls after getting ready for bed!

Even though the girls had their first soccer practice on Monday night - I had to head for home Monday morning.  So, after getting up and saying good bye to the girls I headed for home.

My lovely, loveable, spunky Lorelai in her new glasses!
We just found out she is far-sighted and she has only
had her glasses for a couple of weeks.
Isn't she beautiful!!!

And my awesome, adorable Adalyn!
She had just finished 'twirling' and was surprised I took her picture.

My daughter and Lorelai

Well, when the girls headed for school and work, Nana headed home.  I made it home with no issues and met Dan down at the dining room for lunch.

Tuesday was Dan's make up stress test.  We were up and on the road by 7 am and at the doctor's a few minutes early.  They started his IV and we sat for about 45 minutes while the dye made it's way through his body and the Valium started working (he didn't take any until he got there - took two when they did the IV and the third later in the testing cycle.)  Anyway, to make a long story somewhat short, he was able to complete the test with the help of the Valium and me reading to him.  YEAH!!!

Wednesday, was volunteering again and Thursday and Friday was spent working in the yard.  I'll show some pictures of the patio area later - plus I have a big job to do in the front yard with new plants for around the porch.

Well, there's the month.  I keep hoping to be able to do posts more than once a month - and maybe I'll try to do once a week this month.  Wish me luck!


  1. What a busy month you had. I'm really glad that you did get to see the girls again. I've been seeing their pictures on your blog now since they were little, such amazing beautiful kids! Sorry to hear about the fibro, my mother had it too, so I know what you are going thru. Hugs, Sue

    1. If we can ever get finished with doctor appointments we might get a little more done around here.

      The girls are growing up so fast - it's hard for me to realize that Lorelai will be 5 years old in June and start kindergarten in August! I can't explain how much I miss seeing them all the time.

      Hope all is going well with you and you are getting some nice weather. Take care my friend.


  2. All is well here and the weather has been getting better. There is still snow on the ground, but the warmer days are increasing. Can't wait fro my plants to start sprouting. Hugs, Sue


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