Monday, January 14, 2013

Lorelai's First Christmas

I know that it is the middle of January,

but I promised I would 

share some pictures

of Lorelai's

first Christmas.

Hope you enjoy!

Christmas morning Melissa gave us a call when 
Little Miss woke up.
Dan and I headed over to their house
with some breakfast goodies.
This is the sweet 
sight that 
greeted us when we walked in the door.

Love the Santa on her sleeper.

Dad was dressed up as Santa
he handed all the 
gifts out.

Does anyone else
see the
between these two?

Then the fun began!

Hey, Mom, I
can do it


Oh, look!

There's a bottle!

Thanks Aunt Crystal
for the help!

Oh boy!  
I love my 
Minnie Mouse ears!

(she really does love Mickey and Minnie)

The little surprise
Nana and Granpie Dan.

(I have to say, this is the cutest rocking horse!)

After Christmas dinner

we all got together

for some


Christmas pictures.

 Melissa, Justin, and

Hi Aunt Crystal!

Aunt Crystal, Aunt Kim, and

Melissa with her dad


(name is his choice)

Three generations!

Crystal, Melissa, Lorelai, and me.

Donnie (the girls dad), Melissa, Lorelai, me, and Crystal.

Grampie Dan, Lorelai, and me.

Lorelai with one of her favorite
gifts -
a TV remote control!

(Is this a hint of things to come?)

I'll leave you today 
with my favorite 
of Lorelai
Christmas day.

I think it says it all.

Have a great week!

Hugs -


BTW - hope you check back - 

there might be



made this week.



  1. Beautiful family Carol! Such a blessing to have them together. Love the pictures of Lorelai, she is getting soooo big.
    Enjoy the rest of the week,

    1. Thanks so much Sue! Lorelai is getting to be such a big girl - she is almost crawling! Then the fun will really begin - LOL!
      Hugs -

  2. I happened by chance on your bkog and loved the pictures. Lorelei is entirely precious and you just couldn't paint more love than Grumpa's face with his grandbaby. You hhave a most beautiful gift in your family.

    1. thanks Giz - this is our first grand child so she is pretty special to us! One of the things that I am please with is - my ex and I have always been able to spend the holidays together even after our divorce and my remarriage - Mountain Man calls him his "husband-in-law". HAHA! It has just been so much better for our kids from the time they were little to now. Thanks for the kind comment.
      Hugs -


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