Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Keurig or not to Keurig?

Okay, how many of you have gotten on the Keurig band wagon?

Dan and I have been doing the "should we/shouldn't we" dance for about six months.

We think about how convenient it would be to go in and fix a cup of coffee whenever -

but, then we talk about how expensive the K-cups are.

Then we also talk about how we still like to have a whole pot of coffee in the morning.

So, we talk ourselves into one, and then talk ourselves out of one.

Dan had decided that he was going to buy me one for Christmas - I talked him out of it.

Now, fate decided to rear it's ugly head.

Our coffee pot that we have had for about four years decided to go out on us.  So, we had to make a decision.

Well, we were out looking a couple of weeks ago - and had pretty much decided on the middle Keurig model - not the cheap one, but not the most expensive one either.  When, what to our wondering eye should appear, but this -----

The absolute best of BOTH worlds - 

and cost less than the cheaper less expensive model Keurig.

You can still make a full pot of coffee - OR - you can do individual cups.  PLUS, you don't use K-cups. 
Nor do you have to buy  the strainer thing that you have to use 
with the Keurig.
You can use your own coffee and adjust the strength of your coffee.

Plus - it is programmable.

guess what came home with us.


 here she sits in our kitchen.

Love it!

So, IF you haven't jumped on the Keurig band wagon - you might want to consider this Hamilton Beach model.

We have really enjoyed it so far
(it was really nice last week when I was so sick -
 Dan was able to fix me hot drinks 
without having to fix
a whole pot of coffee).

Oh, just a little disclaimer - I am not being compensated by Hamilton Beach (yeah, I wish) in any way and the opinion stated here is strictly my own.

Hope you guys have a fabulous rest of your week!

Hugs -



  1. We drink instant, which is probably the worst form of consuming coffee. If we expect more people sipping the brew, we use a cheapo machine from Walmart and regular coffee. The K-cups are expensive per portion here, going all Beachy is most likely cheaper in the long run, you could always add spices to your coffee grounds.
    Hugs and have an awesome rest of the week too,

    1. Oh Sue - I can't do instant coffee - gotta have the "real" stuff - LOL! The main reason we kept talking ourselves out of the Keurig was the price of the K-Cups. I know that you can buy the little filter thing and use your own coffee, but we heard it was a pain to use. Anyway, we love the Hamilton Beach model - and the little filter for individual cups is not hard to use (or clean). Plus I can also make hot tea! Have a super rest of your week and a fabulous weekend (we are suppose to get some rain and cold weather - at least cold for us - HaHa!)
      Hugs -


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