Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Our New Home

Well, as you know, we sold our "forever" (not) home in August and had ten days to find a new place to live, pack, and get moved.  That is NOT enough time to buy a new house, so we decided we would rent for a little while.  We found a cute little (with the key word being "little") house and signed a six month lease - with an option to renew.

I thought that I would share the "before we moved in" pictures.

 Master Bedroom Closet

The other side of the master closet

Master bathroom

Master bathroom looking back toward bedroom

Master Bedroom
(really the largest room in the whole house)

Another shot of master bedroom

Living Room/Dining Room/Kitchen
(yep, you read that right - this is the whole sha-bang)

A different view of the kitchen 
(and Mountain Man writing down measurements)

Another view of the kitchen

 Guest bathroom

Another shot of guest bath

Guest Bedroom
(10 X 10)

Guest bedroom closet


Third bedroom/nursery
(also 10 X 10)

Another shot of the nursery

So, now you see the "little bitty" house that we are attempting to make into our new home.  The largest most challenging problem that we have is we are renting!

We haven't rented anything for about 30 years and it is quite an issue for me.  I really have all these ideas but Mountain Man keeps telling me
"This isn't our house"!

I am trying to figure out how to give this house our "stamp" - but I can't paint, I can't change the kitchen cabinets (and boy does the kitchen need a complete overhaul), I can't do anything to the floor.  All the things that I have always been able to do to make a "house" our "home" I can't do!  

Boy, is this frustrating!

However, I will do this - and I'll start showing some of the changes that we have made next week.

Hope you'll come back and see what we're doing.

Hugs -



  1. First, congrats! Happy you found a place with such short was almost all you could do, right? It seems to be a nice rental. Waiting to see you all moved in! Your hubby will no doubt keep reminding you when you have to hang pics, etc. Ugh! Take care...

    1. Thanks Loretta - We thought we had found a different place that was bigger and was on the canal to the lake, but it was furnished and the owners did not want to put the furniture in storage (even though we volunteered to pay for the storage). Oh well. So, we found this place the weekend before we had to move - sorta short notice. You are right - I'm sure the hubs will be reminding me numerous times in the next few months. LOL
      Hugs -

  2. I get you - in Germany you can paint your rental, so that never bothered us until we bought our house there. Then 2 rentals in Ontario, where floors and walls had to stay, both so not my colors. Happy to live in a house now, where I can tackle my project as I please, but my oldest moved away for her Masters and she rents, hmpf....I once saw a suggestion on the internet, someone taped pretty paper (gift wrap, shelf liner?)with scotch tape onto the kitchen doors, actually turned out nice. Another tip I found while looking for ideas for her, is to "glue" fabric on the walls with corn starch, supposedly it peels right off. I'm sure, you'll make it pretty for the time being!
    Hugs, Sue

    1. Hi Sue - Yes, I've seen the idea of putting fabric on the wall with fabric softener (but have you seen the price of fabric lately - unbelievable!) I've been looking for sheets that I like the pattern on (and can afford) to make curtains for the master - but so far, that hasn't happened - so I'm thinking of going a different direction - but I'll save that idea for a future post. And thanks for the sweet compliment - we will have to wait and see how pretty it turns out.
      Hope you have a fabulous rest of the week!
      Hugs -

    2. Now take your fabric prices (and pretty much everything else), multiply that with any number between 1.5 and 3, then you get the prize for fabric here. The only decent store in my area is Fabricville and sometimes they don't carry what I have in mind....
      Happy weekend,

  3. “However, I will do this - and I'll start showing some of the changes that we have made next week.” That’s the spirit! You can do it, Carol! Just remember to let your soul be part of whatever you want your house to look like, then you won’t regret it. Good luck! :)

    Miguel Mcdonald


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