Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Busy with all kinds of things

I continue to be the

This is as far as I got on a blog post last Monday when we had to make an emergency trip to the cardiologist in Lake City.  Monday afternoon was spent at his office and Tuesday was spent at Lake City Medical Center as Dan went through his third heart catherization.  The good news in all this was that there was no new blockage of Dan's arteries - however, his heart is not working like it should and he is now on a "Life Vest" which is an external defibrillator.  For the next ninety days he has to wear it 24/7 - only taking it off to shower.  Let us say that he is not a happy camper right now, but he is following the doctors orders.  I don't know if it is because I fussed at him and so did his daughter or if he has just resigned himself that he has to wear it.  I really don't care which one it is, I'm just glad he is wearing it as it would save his life IF his heart stops beating.  To say that this has been a change in our life would be a major understatement. 

We are continuing on our diet but we have to find a new way for Dan to exercise.  I had finally gotten him in the pool as a way to exercise, as he hates to walk (it hurts his knees), but that option has been taken off the table with his life vest. So, I have made a deal with him - if he will walk for 5 - 10 minutes on the treadmill I will do the same amount of time on the elliptical.  (I hate that machine!)  We shall see how that works out.

The doctor prescribed a new medication for Dan to start on - Entresto- but the insurance company denied it.  So, the doctor's office appealed - it took until Friday to finally have the meds approved and then it took forty-eight hours for the approval to get through the system.  Thank goodness the doctor sent us a brochure from the drug company that had a coupon for a free three day supply.  By using that we were able to get him on the medication on Friday instead of having to wait until Monday.  Dan thinks that it is really making a difference.  Let's hope so.

I did take him out of town this past weekend.  We went down to Lakeland and stayed with the kids.  Friday night Melissa had a LuLaRoe party from 5:30 to 7:30 - so Dan went over to see his daughter, Dana.  It's the first time that he has driven by himself since he was put on the Life Vest - but all went well.  I did buy a couple of shirts, which I really like.  They are fairly expensive to me - but I treated myself to an early birthday present.

Saturday morning we went to the girls Soccer game.

Lorelai is number 7. 
The team is in a serious discussion - I don't know what it was about, but it seems like Lorelai was in a deep conversation with the coach.

Ada - bear is number 3.  She really doesn't understand what she is suppose to do - but at three years old who can blame her???
At least she is out there running around with her sister.

This was typical - Lorelai running and Ada watching.

Lorelai did make one goal and had one assist.  So not too bad.

I'm just excited that they are involved in some sports.
(And you have to admit - they are really cute!)

We had planned on just staying one night (Friday) and then coming home on Saturday afternoon, but Lorelai climbed up in my lap Friday night and asked me why we had to go home so early.  She said "Nana, I want you to stay longer", so, we stayed until Sunday mid morning.

I think it did Dan good to just get away from here - and all the "projects" that need to be done - for a couple of days.  He came home in much better spirits and seems to have adjusted somewhat to the vest.  We have a follow up appointment on May 19th.

We will be going back down to Lakeland around the 17th of May - Lorelai's graduation from Pre-K is on the 18th and there is no way we are going to miss that!   It is so hard for me to realize that she will be starting Kindergarten in August!  In fact, she went to Kindergarten Round Up last week - so she is all registered and ready to start.  Guess we'll be buying some uniforms for her this summer.  They grow up so darn fast! We'll stay down for a couple of days and then we'll leave the morning of the 19th for Daniel's doctor appointment late in the afternoon in Lake City. 

I'll be taking a couple of Wednesday's off from volunteering with the doctors and graduation and then we are keeping the girls for a week in June.  Things should be exciting around here.

Well, I'm not going to keep talking about all the doctors appointments - so I'll close for now.  I'll be back soon with a post of some of the things that we were able to get done before all this happened.


  1. I'm so glad it all went well for Dan. Soon you'll be looking back to those three month with the "Life Vest". I can only imagine how much it restricts him, my Dad had the "build in" version from the get go. It's so exciting the Lorelai is graduating from Pre-K, time will fly and she'll be graduating high school. That's at least how it felt for me.
    The girls are the cutest in their soccer gear!
    Hugs my friend! Love, Sue

    1. Hi Sue! You are right, time sure does fly! It's hard for me to realize that Lorelai will be five years old next month and Ada is three and a half! Wow!

      I think Dan would rather have the internal defibrillator than this "life vest", but we do what we must.

      Hope you're finally getting some good weather -we are hot, hot, hot and dry, dry dry! No rain for over a month.

      Take care my friend!


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