Tuesday, November 1, 2016

This year is flying by

I keep thinking that I will be able to do a blog post on Sunday's, but between church, fixing lunch, and football Sunday just seems to disappear!  So, instead here it is on Tuesday and it's been two weeks since my last post.  Good grief.

I have pretty much fallen into a schedule - sorta - but I don't get real upset if the schedule gets messed up some.  For the last couple of weeks Monday is laundry day - wash, fold/hang, put away.  Tuesday is clean house day (that will change starting this week - as we are getting a housekeeper coming in every two weeks - can you say YIPPEE!!!!!) Wednesday I volunteer at one of the gift shops here at the village.  Thursday is meal planning and grocery shopping day.  Friday is do what ever Dan wants to do.  Saturday is college football and we're back to Sunday which is Church, lunch, and football.  Now, there are other activities that get thrown into the mix and if you could see our schedule for the next two months you would see that the schedule might be out the window!

Last week on Tuesday. I had fasting labs.  It is so simple to get labs done here - I get out of bed about 7:30, get dressed, take the golf cart down to the Medical Center and boom 15 minutes later I'm back home drinking my cup of coffee.  Easy Peasy! 

Wednesday morning I volunteered at the gift shop.

Thursday afternoon was the Membership Council meeting - I had been nominated to be the assistant Secretary (not a big deal), well after the meeting one of the members of the nominating committee called and asked if I would be "The" Secretary instead of Assistant.  After discussing with Dan I agreed and tonight is the annual meeting where the votes will be taken and new officers will be sworn in.

Friday morning Dan and I went up to Valdosta to Sam's and picked up a few things - can you really buy a "few" things at Sam's???  Anyway, our main reason for going was to get Halloween Candy - they had great prices and we picked up enough for the kids that Trick or Treated Saturday night as well as having some to take to the day care center here at the Village (Wee Care).

Saturday early voting started so Dan and I went down and voted.  I will not talk about our votes but so much is on the line this year.  I'll leave it at that.

Dan is also working on the fireplace.  When he built the mantle on the fireplace right after we moved back in the house we knew that it was temporary.  We didn't build the shelves that we wanted at that time and just used some black IKEA shelves that we had. 

This picture was taken right after we moved and had things "somewhat" put away.

Then, while cleaning out things in the garage, we came across these moose wall sconces.  These had not been hung since we lived in the "big" house in North Carolina (about 10 years ago).  I told Dan that either we hang them or we get rid of them.  Well, Dan hung them in the family room and we liked the look - the only problem was we didn't have electrical boxes to wire them.  So, they were just decorative.  But, we already knew that we (meaning Dan) was going to redo the fireplace mantle and Dan figured out how to wire them through the new mantle since we did have an electrical plug installed in the mantle when the remodeling was being done.

So, last week we made a trip to Lowe's and got the lumber and Dan started to tear the fireplace mantle apart.  As he was working we were making changes - which lead to him completely taking everything down.

You can see in this picture that he has installed the first electrical box and run the wiring for it.  This wire will run inside the mantle and will be wired with a switch on the outside on the right.  When we first worked on the fireplace we had them install a plug on the top so I could decorate for Christmas.  This was very useful in the new design.

Sunday Dan had the sconces successfully wired and on.  Yeah!

Today the bookshelves are being constructed. 

 Dan is even making the shelves adjustable - the bottom shelf and the middle shelf will be fixed and then there will be two (or three) adjustable shelves.

 He is doing all the construction outside in the garage/driveway and then bringing the prefabbed parts in and installing them.  I think he is going to paint the shelves outside, but the mantle itself will be painted in the house.

I am aware and thankful every day that Dan is so talented when it comes to woodworking.  If there is something that I would like built I know that Dan can make it come to life.

Yesterday we attended the Christmas Program information meeting - we are doing a live re-enactment of Jesus's birth outside with a village, market place, animals, etc.  The program will be presented three nights - Dan will be one of the Kings and I will be a merchant woman.  It should be interesting and fun - and we certainly hope that we will be able to be a blessing to everyone who attends.

Since tonight is the Annual Membership meeting where the new officers will be installed I have supper in the crock pot - a new chicken enchilada soup recipe that I saw on Facebook.  I hope it tastes as good as it smells!

Well, that pretty much catches you up on everything- but I have to leave you with a picture of the girls dressed for Trick or Treating - my lovely Lorelai was dressed as Rainbow Dash (a My Little Pony - and her favorite) and my adorable Adalyn was dress as My Little Kitty.  They were both so cute and I wish I could have been there to go with them.  Precious!

Hopefully, I'll talk to you soon!

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