Saturday, June 11, 2016

It has been a while since I last posted.

The only excuse I have is we have
been busy moving back
into the house and
trying to get some projects done.

Well, even though not a single room is complete, I
decided that I will post some pictures of the house
and let you see what we have done so far.

So, with further ado - here is the
new re-invented Mihlfeld house.

 The view as you walk in the front door

 Entry table

Living Room

Breakfast table/coffee bar


Dining area in Family Room


Family Room

 Family Room

My birthday present from Dan
Original artwork of an Egret on a rough cedar board.


Fire Pit

(future Pergola area)

A different look at the Family Room
(coming in from the back porch)

Another shot of the kitchen

Breakfast/coffee area

some pictures of the front.

So, so much more to do,
Dan and I absolutely
our house!!!!


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