Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Busy, busy, busy

I know that it has been over a week since I last posted - 
I haven't been sitting around on my hands though.

Actually, we have been very busy!

We have rearranged furniture in the family room and living room.
I am FINALLY getting a sofa for the living room.
I have been trying to talk the hubs into
buying a sofa every since we 
moved into the house.

It's being delivered on Thursday and I will be 
sure to post pictures.
Of course, I have a little project for the hubs to complete
BEFORE it comes - so he is at Lowe's this morning
buying the wood to get it done.

We (once again, I really mean the hubs) painted our
tiny master bathroom Sunday.  Yesterday was
spent putting everything back together
and getting things cleaned up.
I am working on a curtain
for the window.
I have come up with a 
temporary solution
that will work
through the holidays, 
then we will see what I want to do.

This week we are also
helping my youngest daughter and 
  with the final touches on 
the new nursery 
and getting
big sister's room

We are also working on some
new landscaping for our front yard.
We have taken out everything 
in our two front beds 
and the one right under our
bedroom window.
The old landscaping was so overgrown
and really needed to be replaced.

While working on the flower beds
we discovered that we are having some issues 
with our irrigation system.
So, we have a call in to the
irrigation guy and
are waiting for him to come fix it
before we plant anything.
After all, we don't want to plant new
plants and then not be able to
water them!

We picked out the plants we want
at the nursery - so hopefully we
will be able to get all this done soon.
Maybe, before Christmas?
I know it's not happening
before Thanksgiving!

(Okay, I know that some of you might question
us planting in December, but remember
we live in South Florida.  If we are lucky
the temperatures will be in the 70's - 
which will actually make
it comfortable to do some yard work!)

We are also HOPING to get
the back yard fenced during
this time frame, but some things
might have to wait depending
on how much it costs to get
the irrigation fixed. 
Guess we'll just have to wait
and see.

So what else is going on?

Well, my oldest daughter is coming Friday
 for the weekend.
She lives in Nashville, and is going
 to be at a conference
in St. Pete 
Wednesday through Friday.
 We are going over and picking
her up Friday afternoon 
and she will stay with us for 
the weekend before we take her back
to Tampa on Sunday to catch her
flight back home.
Even though this will be
a quick visit, 
it will certainly be
good to see her!

While she won't be able to be here 
for the birth of the new baby
she will be back for Christmas and then
she will be able to
stay for a couple of weeks to help her
little sister with baby
and Little Miss.

With everything that is going on
during the next six weeks - 
Thanksgiving, Christmas, and
the birth of our second
grand baby-
I'm afraid that it
 will be the first of the year
before I have any of the tutorials ready
on the things that we did in the
guest room/nursery
(the rope boxes, subway art sign, and the headboard)
but I will get those done.

Well, I think you are
all caught up
with the goings on
here.  Hope you are having
a good November and I'll
talk to you 



  1. It's always so exciting to finish projects! We are so blessed to have handy husbands. I'll keep my fingers crossed that the irrigation can be fixed soon and without major cost. Planting season is definitely over here, we already had our first flurries and the "warmer" days are getting less.

    1. Hi Sue! I can't tell you how happy I am that my sweet hubby is so handy! I also can't imagine having to pay someone else to do half of what he is able to do! I'm really hopeful that the irrigation doesn't cost an arm and a leg, but you never know when you are talking about stuff like that. We are suppose to get a "cold" front on Sunday - high is only suppose to be 75! (Sorry!) I really do miss the fall weather - and even a little snow - and a fire in the fireplace but we sure don't/won't have any of that around here. Have a great week my friend!


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