Tuesday, August 6, 2013

I think we are going to need an Ark pretty soon!

It is hard to believe that it has been over two weeks since I last posted - the days just seem to fly by.  Let me see if I can do a quick review.

Last weekend we went up to our "old stomping grounds" and visited with some of our friends in Dowling Park.  We didn't take the camper (it is still on the consignment lot) or the pups with us (they stayed with Melissa, Justin, Lorelai, and Brady) so we actually stayed at our friends house.  Can't remember the last time we have done that - seems like we always have our camper with our "stuff".  We even had to pack a suitcase!  Anyway, we left fairly early on Friday afternoon - taking Little Miss to her mom around 1PM and were in DP by 5:30.  I drove my car and we got really good gas mileage - it only took a little over 1/2 a tank of gas to get there - so it is a fairly inexpensive drive.  We are thinking, that IF the camper doesn't sell (which I can't imagine it will this late in the summer), we might take it up to the campground and leave it for the fall/winter.  It would give us a place to get away for the weekend and it wouldn't cost us that much either.  We would have to pull it up there with the truck but then we could drive my car back and forth until it was time to bring it back home.  Anyway, it is just something we are thinking about doing.

We are still waiting for the roof over/screen room to be done.  We are "on the books" for next week - so we are hopeful that it is actually installed and completed on time.  We are hoping that it will make a marked difference in the temperature in the family room - right now this is the warmest room in the house - but it is the one room that does not have the double paned windows and there is no shade on this side of the house.  We think that once the roof over is done it will help shade the windows and help with the heat - of course, it doesn't help that the temperatures have been in the low 100's here.  Last week it was even too hot to let Little Miss play outside in her pool/beach area.

While it has been super hot we are still having daily rains - sometimes extremely heavy rains with thunder, lightening, and strong winds.  Then, when the rains stop, it is HUMID, HUMID, HUMID!!!  I can tell you that we have been pretty much confined to the house due to the heat and rain.  We are still trying to go on our golf cart rides in the morning - Little Miss sure enjoys them - but there have been a couple of mornings that they have been SUPER short due to the heat and humidity.  Oh the joys of living in Florida.

Speaking of Little Miss - she is growing so fast.  She now has six teeth - three on the top and three on the bottom of which I can attest to the fact that they work very well - since she bit me by accident yesterday.  She was biting my shirt sleeve while fighting going to sleep at nap time and accidentally got some of my arm along with the shirt.  It upset her so much that she had "hurt" her Nana and that she starting crying.  It was okay - but I do have a small bruise on the arm today.  She is climbing up into chairs now and LOVES to dance.  Since there is nothing on TV during the day we will put on the Malt Shop Oldies (channel 802 on our DirectV) and she will just dance and dance!  If Dan and I don't dance with her we get the "finger" as she will point to us as if saying you aren't dancing Nana or Grampe.  She brings us both a lot of joy!

I'm not saying she doesn't get into mischief - but how could anyone stay mad at anyone when they look at you with that sweet little face!

She still enjoys "reading" her books - but now she likes to do it sitting in a chair instead of on the floor.  (Although, she still "reads" sitting on the floor too!

Well, I think you all know that "we" are expecting a new grand baby in December - but we didn't know if we were having a girl or a boy.  Last week Melissa told us that we had Wednesday off - as she had a meeting in Bartow and a doctor's appointment in Lakeland.  Justin's mom, sister, and brother-in-law volunteered to keep Little Miss for the day.  Now, while Melissa did, in fact, have a doctor's appointment and a meeting she also had a little plan to let us all in on the baby's gender.  If you would like to know if we are having a little boy or girl - just click on the link below for a little video that will let you know.

Nothing out of the ordinary has happened this week - so I think I will leave you for this post.

Hope you have a fantastic week and I'll talk to you soon!

Hugs -



  1. I'm not sure that I would do well with that humidity and heat. It has it's advantage to love in Canada :). What a great idea to announce the babies gender this way! Lorelai is such a cutie, love the pictures where she reads. And you are right, looking in that face it is hard to be upset with her.
    Have a great rest of the week and hopefully it will cool down some!

    1. Thanks Sue - I think we have about six more weeks of this awful heat! It usually starts to cool down some in October - and we can't wait! Also, can't wait to get the new room done! (Dan is wishing for that cooler weather - he HATES this heat and at one time said he "would NEVER be in Florida in the summer again".) I've always say "never say never"!
      Have a great week and weekend!
      Hugs my friend!

  2. How are you guys doing? Has it cooled down a little bit yet? We are getting closer to Indian Summer, I love, love, love the colors of the leaves.
    Enjoy the rest of the week!


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