Friday, August 31, 2012

Breakfast "Muffins"

Okay, I'll admit it - I'm a Pinterest addict.  I can spend hours (and hours) looking at things on Pinterest.  IF I ever do one half of the projects and recipes that I have 'pinned' it will be a bloody miracle.

However, I have actually prepared one of the recipes and wanted to share it with you today.

You all know that I love to prepare large batches of things for breakfast then put them in the freezer.  Then, when Mountain Man wants something and I don't want to fix it (or when Mountain Man doesn't feel like fixing it) all we have to do is pull something out of the freezer and pop it in the microwave.  One of my go to recipes for this are my Breakfast Burritos - if you would like to check out the post for them here it is:
I don't want to brag, but they are pretty good.

While I love the burritos, I wanted something else that we could actually choose from and there are so many great sounding recipes on Pinterest.  I found this recipe and decided to try it with a little changes.

If you would like to see the original 'pin' here is the link:
(but when I tried to go back to the pin it didn't work anymore - insert a sad face.)

So here is my version.


9 Eggs

Chopped Ham

Green Onions 

Shredded Cheese
(I used Fiesta blend, but you can use the flavor of your choice)

Milk (about 1/3 cup)

Salt and Pepper to taste

Chop ham (I didn't measure - just 'eye ball it')

Chop onions

(once again I just guesstimated)

Salt and Pepper your nine eggs, add milk, 
then scramble

Line your muffin pan with cupcake liners.

Fill liners about 2/3 full.  Sprinkle with cheese.

Bake at 375 degrees for 30 minutes or until set.

 Remove from oven and let cool.

They look really pretty and tasted good right out of the oven.

However, I took the leftovers, wrapped them in plastic wrap, and popped them in the freezer.

When we took them out a few days later and warmed them up in the microwave they were a little "rubbery" - you know what I mean?  We could eat them, but they sure didn't taste like the day I made them.

So, what is my verdict?

This is a quick and easy way to fix some egg muffins if you are ready to eat them all the day they are fixed - but I would not recommend freezing. 

Oh well, you live and learn.

Maybe next time.

But they sure look pretty don't they?

Have a great weekend and I'll "see" you Monday for "Menu Monday".

Hugs -



  1. They sure look good! I pinned them and your burritos too. We still eat more European style for breakfast during the week, but this sounds yummy for the weekend.
    Hugs and have a wonderful weekend,

    1. I hope you like them Sue - I am making them this weekend for my grandbaby's Christening. I hope other people like them (I'm going to use bacon instead of ham).
      Hope you have a FABULOUS Labor Day weekend!
      Hugs -

  2. I'm pretty sure I pinned that one too! I baked them in small loaf pans, like 1/4th or less the size of a normal loaf. We took them on a day trip. I wanted them as freezer food too, but I guess that might not work out. -Cris

    1. Hi Chris - I really don't know why freezing them wouldn't work - I think I just warmed them up too much and that made them "rubbery". You could make a small batch and try it (I think I will do that the next time I make them and see what happens).
      Thanks for stopping by and hope you'll come back often- try out my menu plans on Monday and see what you think.

      Hugs -


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