Monday, June 4, 2012

Monday Menu

Hello everyone!  I hope you had a fabulous weekend.  Mountain Man and I didn't do a whole lot this weekend.  Went to the grocery store on Sunday and bought our monthly supply of groceries - I didn't have to buy much meat.  After my inventory of the two freezers I realized that I had more than enough for us for the month.  I did need to buy some hamburgers (I buy the ones already patted out - okay, I admit it - I'm lazy) and I bought a pork roast and a whole chicken to cook in the crock pot.  I love to do this and then debone the chicken and freeze the cooked meat to use later.  The pork roast will make a GREAT batch of bar-b-que.  Other than the regular staples the trip was pretty uneventful.

Well, that isn't exactly true - we did buy some plastic dinnerware to put in the camper that Mountain Man has been wanting, and we bought a new float for the swimming pool.  Mine got a hole in the footrest, so they had them at Wal Mart for about twenty dollars less than I paid last year at Pinch A Penny.  Then Mountain Man needed a new bathing suit - does this ever happen to you?  You go into Wal Mart to buy groceries and end up with all this stuff that wasn't on the grocery list???  Unless I just put my foot down we always end up with stuff not on the list - but, I have to say, even buying the "extras"
we spend less at Wal Mart than at the "regular" grocery stores like Publix or Winn Dixie.  While I love Publix we don't do our "big" shopping there - I will go in during the month and pick up milk, OJ, bread, or eggs (okay, okay, maybe some doughnuts or Carmel nut rolls) but that's it - Honest Injun!

I'm way off topic today!  So, did you stay with your plan last week?  We did - until Thursday.  Wednesday night my laptop died - and that is my lifeline.  Yes, we have a PC but I can sit in "my" chair, watch TV, blog or check and read my 'bloggy' friends blogs with my laptop.  So, Thursday after work Mountain Man and I had to take my computer into Sebring to see if we could get it back working.  Turned out not to be a big deal - the power cord had burned up and the battery had not been charging when I had it plugged in.  Fifty dollars later we had a new power cord and my lap top is back in my lap.  But, now we were in Sebring and Mountain Man was hungry - so it was a stop at Sonny's Real Pit Bar-B-Que for dinner.  We pretty much stayed with the plan other than that.

So, what's on tape for this week?  So glad you asked!
Here we go -----

Monday, June 4 - Oven Baked Pork Chops, Baked Potatoes, Squash
Tuesday, June 5 - Lasagna, Salad, Garlic Bread (company coming)
Wednesday, June 6 - Chicken Burritos, Spanish Rice, Refried Beans
Thursday, June 7 - Spaghetti Bake, Salad, Garlic Bread (maybe)
Friday, June 8 - Pizza - Movie Night
Saturday, June 9 - Chicken and Yellow Rice w/ Green Peas
Sunday, June 10 - Grilled Hamburgers with all the trimmings, French Fries

We will have company in town this week - so all these plans are flexible.  I'll let you know how well we stick with the plan!

Have a great week and I'll "see" you Wednesday!

Hugs -



  1. Your meals for the week sound delicious! And, I'm super envious that you can plan it out that way ... I need to do that myself! And, thank you for your sweet note about my parents' sunroom redo!

  2. thanks Becca - I actually plan for the month, but just post a week at a time. I do better when I do a month at a time instead of weekly.
    hugs -


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