Friday, April 6, 2012

Baby Shower #1

Today I thought I would share with you the baby shower that my daughter had about a month ago.  This shower was hosted by all of her sisters (sister, step-sister, sisters-in-law)

Here are the sisters with the guest of honor - Crystal (my oldest), Ashley (Justin's sister), Melissa (the guest of honor), Emily (her dad's daughter), and Noelle (Justin's baby sister).

The shower was held at Ashley's house in Lakeland.

Food table

The mantle was decorated with baby pictures of Justin and Melissa.

This was the "Parenting Tree".  Everyone wrote a piece of advice or parenting tip for the parents-to-be on a paper cut out bird.  Then it was hung on the "tree".

At the end of the day Melissa was able to take home all these pearls of wisdom to read over and keep.

The beautiful mom.

The gift table.

Getting ready to open gifts for Lorelai.

One sister in charge of handing out gifts.

A quilt made by my mom (Lorelia's great-grandmother).

Some of the cute outfits Lorelia will be wearing.

 Can't forget little toys - along with plenty of clothes
(Thanks Auntie Crystal and Auntie Kim).

 Melissa with her two sisters -
Emily and Crystal.

Here is the whole "family".

Ashley (sil), Crystal (sister), yours truly, Melissa, Chrystie (mil), Noelle (sil), Emily (sister), Kim (sister), and Gracie (niece).

I think this is a unique picture - this is the entire wedding party from Melissa and Justin's wedding - How many people have their entire wedding party at a baby shower five years later??

They are - the three maids of honor
Jodi (best friend since middle school), Crystal (sister), Ashley (sil, and friend in high school), Melissa, then the  bridesmaids - Emily (sister), Noelle (sil), and Aundrea (friend - and Jodi's sister).
In the front is the flower girl Gracie (Ashley's daughter).

We thought it was pretty neat that all her attendants at the wedding were sisters (not planned).

Melissa and I.

(Before the hair cut.)

So, just a few pictures of her "Sister" shower.

In thirteen days I am co-hosting a shower here in Lake Placid.  I've been working hard on all the decorations.  I'm looking forward to sharing that with you.

I hope you have a wonderful Easter.

See you Monday with Monday Menu.

Hugs -



  1. Awww! What wonderful pictures of what looks to be a wonderful family. And I thank you for the 'parenting tree" idea. I'm a grandma to be, doing my own hosting in 4 weeks.... EEK! (lol)

    This is my 1st visit, and I'm loving it. A definite spot for my FAVES! So congrats on the baby, and please know that you have a new fan!


    1. Hi Teri- Thanks for the kind comments and welcome to the craziness! I'm so glad that you like the "parenting tree" idea - I hope you'll check out Friday's post - as it is the shower that I co-hosted for Melissa here in Lake Placid. I think you might find some neat ideas there too.
      Have a great rest of your week!
      Hugs -


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