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So Much is Happening

I'm going to have to take pictures so you will see how many changes have been made to the house in the last week. All the palm trees are down in the front and hauled away - almost all the plants are out in the back and around the house - there is just one side left to do. It is amazing how much better everything looks. All the neighbors have come over to tell us that they really appreciate what we are doing. I guess we are the talk of the neighborhood.

I think I am going to have to change the blog - I mean, we are definitely THERE now - and everything is going to revolve around work (which is going okay - I finally am somewhat caught up!) and the house. So "Are We There Yet?" just doesn't seem appropriate. So, I am leaving it up to a vote - everyone has a week to vote - should the new blog be - "Is It Finished Yet?" or "When is it going to be Finished?" - or add a suggestion of your own.

Thanks everyone - I will be excited to see what you dec…

One week down!

Sorry I haven't been posting every night - I'm been trying to play catch-up at work. I have been staying just one day ahead of the kids, but hopefully I'll get ahead this weekend. I am taking today and tomorrow off, but will go up to school on Monday to try and get my room some what arranged and decorated. Well, I said that I am taking today off, I will probably work on lesson plans today some - and maybe grade some papers - all my kids took a test yesterday - I have all of my 1st/2nd period graded and most of my 4th/5th period done. I just need to finish them and grade 6th/7th. I also need to create a new quiz for my two math classes because some didn't score above 70%. Our school has a policy that if the kids don't score at least a 70, they have to do enrichment work and retake the quiz. We will see how that works out.

I'm hoping to stay caught up once I get a handle on things. Dan and I are still trying to get the house straightened out - and get the 5th whee…