Hi, and welcome to "Are We There Yet"!  While I am proud to say that I am a fifth generation Floridian (not many of us can say that), I have not always lived in the Sunshine state - but I always seem to find my way "home".  I was born and spent the first eighteen years of my life in one town in Central Florida before spreading my wings and moving, for the first time, to the "show me state" of Missouri.

Many moves later (which included to the states of Arizona, California, Tennessee, and Georgia), I came back to Florida - went back to college and got my teaching certificate at the ripe "old" age of 39.  I was a newly divorced mother of two beautiful girls and a new teacher determined to make it on my own.  I shopped at Goodwill and consignment stores before it was "cool".  I bought a house and decorated it on a shoestring budget (actually - I didn't even have a shoestring!)  I mowed my own grass and painted my own walls.  I learned that if it needed to get done - well, I had to do it!  Then I went back to college and got a master's degree.  My two daughter's made straight "A's" in school and both went on to college (one is a teacher today and the other works in educational policy and research).

Along the way I met a wonderful man who is now my darling husband - we had a surprise wedding at his retirement "roast' - all our friends and guests were the ones surprised!  It was such a hoot!!!  Then, after a cancer scare (I had uterine cancer), I took an early retirement and my DH and I moved to the mountains of western North Carolina where we lived for five wonderful years before moving back to Florida.

However, we weren't ready to come back to Florida, so after two years, we sold our home, bought a fifth wheel trailer and hit the road full-time.  We worked our way across the country for two glorious years until a family emergency forced us off the road and back into a "sticks and bricks" - once again in the Sunshine State (do you see a pattern here?).

I hope that you will come back often to visit or even decide to follow along.

Hugs -

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